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Automotive Window Tint

The Perfect Window Tint

We offer two lines of film to match your desires for your vehicle; our expert staff will help you match which film will best meet your goals for performance and budget. Both film offerings we carry in 5%, 20%, and 35%. Automotive window tinting from Mitten Mobile Detailing can protect your passengers and interior from harmful UV rays, keep your vehicle cooler in the summer, reduce glare while driving, and enhance the aesthetic look of your vehicle! We only use the best films we would choose for our own vehicle for each install to ensure you get a result above and beyond expectations!

Dyed Window Film

Dyed window tint is a great and affordable way to get your vehicle restyled and enhance its appearance. Our dyed film is beyond your standard film and is the best in terms of quality and durability. It will hold its deep charcoal color longer and not distort colors inside the vehicle while driving. This film option is great for someone on a budget but demands privacy and UV protection on your vehicle.

Ceramic Window Film

Our Ceramic window tint is the best option in the industry to keep your vehicle cool, protected, and looking great! Ceramic window film offers high heat rejection and protection from UV rays. Our film, in particular, is great at reducing glare, holding its original color, and having zero color distortion while driving.